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Posted by: U of M - 07-21-2018, 12:14 AM - Forum: News & Announcements





Overloaded XP was created on July 21st 2011, therefore we are having our 7th Clan Anniversary On Saturday, July 21st! Our clan has been through a lot in the last 7 years, and we owe it to all of the hard work and dedication so many of our past clanmates have put in to making OXP a perpetually strong clan for years to come! So, let's celebrate!

Every year we decide on one headgear item to giveaway to all Clanmates to wear for the day and show Clan pride. This year we have chosen Arc masks. Feel free to find myself or another member of the team for your free Arc Mask to wear =D

Everyone is invited to come to any of the following events! We will be having multiple Boss masses, fun events, and we are giving away over 500m!

All times are in EST CLICK HERE for a Time Zone converter.

12 PM - 1 PM Mega Duck

1 PM - 2 PM KK Mass

2 PM - 3 PM Bossing Broadcast Challenge hosted by So Motivated  - 75m

3 PM - 4 PM Nex Mass(potentially AOD if we can fill roles)

4 PM - 5 PM Hide and Seek - 100m

5 PM - 6 PM GWD2 Mass Barrows Armor Encouraged

6 PM - 7 PM RS Trivia - 75m

7 PM - 8 PM Battle Royale - Dragon Daggers - 100m

8 PM - 9 PM Reset/Sinkholes + DPS Challenge hosted by Concord

9 PM - 10 PM Vorago Mass

10 PM - 11 PM Drop Party - 200m+

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Posted by: U of M - 07-10-2018, 03:57 PM - Forum: News & Announcements
Hello Overloaded XP,

I have decided to award Wilt as our Newest Deputy owner of the clan!

Wilt has been a constant presence in this clans leadership for a long time now. Always having his eyes set on improving our clan in every way possible, speaking his mind openly, and acting as a leader of this clan should. He has proven time and time again how valuable he is to the clan and to myself as a fellow leader.

I hope you all will join me in congratulating him on this new prestigious rank and continue to treat him with the same respect and admiration that you all have shown me as a leader of this clan.

Congratulations to Wilt!
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Posted by: Concord - 07-04-2018, 11:57 AM - Forum: News & Announcements
Some of you may have noticed that a new competition has been posted on RuneClan: http://www.runeclan.com/clan/overloaded_...s?id=13477

RuneClan allows for private competitions between certain members of the clan, and I created this one on request.  I think this is a fun idea!

If you and any other clanmates would like me to make a private competition for you on RuneClan, feel free to message me on the forums, Discord, or ingame!

Please provide your group's desired start date/time, end date/time, and competition skill (or overall) in your message.

NOTE: These will be entirely separate from official clan skilling/clue competitions, and the clan will not be involved in any prize money/etc.  That will be up to those who wanted the competition to handle between themselves.

Good luck to all! Smile