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Full Version: Sassy Nex's weekly PvM competitions!
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Hello everyone!

I will be hosting a weekly PvM competition where EVERYONE has the chance to win 5m-20m! There are also bonuses for those that get the fastest times. What are the rules you may ask?

This Week's boss: Seren doggy(Helwyr)


Benchmark time: 1:20 seconds
Item of the week: Crystal Key

Tips and Tricks for fast times at Helwyr:
-All styles relatively same speed, use the one you're most comfortable with.
-Build to 100 with minions outside, then ulti at the start of the fight.
-Best way is to run away/tank the special attacks and freedom after frenzy attack.

Competition Period:
Start: Tuesday, February 7th at 7PM EST (Reset)            
End: Tuesday, February 14th 7PM EST(Reset)

Prize Distribution: 
- 5m for anyone who gets a benchmark time or faster.

Fastest time bonus:
- First place : 15m
- Second place: 10m
- Third place: 5m

Prizes will be distributed at the end of each competition at reset.

You must provide a screenshot including:
-Completion time
-Being in the instance of the weekly boss
-Item of the week in your inventory (to verify it was for the competition)

Any screenshot without meeting these requirements will not be accepted.

Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions about future competitions!

Previous weeks winners:
1st week (twin furies): Spelingerrer, Jakegrande
2nd week(QBD): Eyy Macarena, Spelingerrer, Muka, Jakegrande

Example of screenshot:

Nice event, Sassy!! <3
Huh accidentally used turmoil instead of leech curses with a zealots amulet  Huh

My noob self did a pvm challenge!


Let's do more!
Very cool concept Sassy, I will try to post my submission soon!
I wish I was good enough at PVM to participate Sad
Congrats to Spelingerrer and Jakegrande for winning the first week of the PvM competitions!@ Stay up to date with the thread for the next boss. : )
New boss for the week updated! This weeks boss: QBD. Benchmark time: 1:24. ITOW: pineapple. Have until Friday the 13th to post times. GL :p



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