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Full Version: Monthly PVP Bracket
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OXP Duel Tournament

Starting on the 8th of April and kicking off during the OXP Easter event, the OXP Duel Tournament begins!

Price and prizes

Buy-in for the event is 500k cash, and the winner gets 10m+50% of buy-ins

second place gets 40% of buy-ins

third place gets 10% of buy-ins

How it works

You will be matched with another player, and the two of you must meet up and fight in Duel Arena or White Portal. If you cannot meet up with your opponent, please contact me, and I will adjust the bracket. Fights will go on at any time, but the semi-finals and finals will be held together at the end of the month, gathered in White Portal with spectators, Fight Club style.

Winners are decided on a best of 3 basis, and players will report to me with the result of their fight as soon as possible.

We will use legacy combat.

Sign up here

Rules and Restrictions

No Amulet of the Forsaken

No familiars

No augments

No upgraded Barrows or PVP armor/weapons

No upgradedĀ dragon weapons

Weapons and armor limited to T70 or lower

No auras

No God books

Both players must have their examines un-hidden

In case of dispute or illegal items-Disputes will be handled with evidence at hand. If no solution can be found, the disputed fights will be reset and monitored as they are done-over. It is recommended to record your fights or screenshot your fight if there is a problem.
awesome idea! sounds fun

(side note): the font on your text under "how it be" is very hard to read if you have a black background
Will I be killed with Legacy or Eoc? Smile
Updated the post, idk how to fix the problem with readability though Confused
Fixed the color issue for you WittyToad.
Note: I messed up, this event will NOT be monthly. It is just a one time thing for Easter and the month of April.