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Full Version: Weekend Dungeoneering event!
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Hey OXP,

I would like to start an event every Saturday where Oxp admins including myself will host Dungeoneering floors of all sizes and tiers!

A clan event of Dg would be beneficial to members that have a hard time finding a team on a consistent basis.

This Event will be held at the Daemonheim W99. The event will be from 12-3PM EST, but can be extended upon member's request. The first event will be held this up and coming Saturday!

Hope to see you there, and if you would like to help, or suggest an idea - please comment below or give me a PM in game.

Hooray, time for me to key more floors for clannies ♥♥♥

By the way, if anybody needs to do a floor, any time, any day, just message me in game Big Grin
if I wasn't 120 and didn't have pet I would join but I am burnt out of dung D: