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Avatar Warden Changes - U of M - 08-04-2018

Good Morning all,

As many of you may have noticed, with the introduction of personal Avatars and personal Buffs we have removed the job of Avatar Warden. This decision does not come lightly as we know ranks are important to a lot of people.

We have demoted almost all Admins to their respective XP Brackets, they are entitled to any title they would like including Legendary Member title which makes them unkickable due to inactivity as a thanks for their service. We have kept a few that we thought may deserve a shot at becoming a member of the team.

Our new structure has Administrator rank as the first step into the team as a trial role. This rank now has full access to all admin abilities, forums, and discord other than Kick Rank powers. They are either promoted or Demoted after a set period of time based on how they contribute as a team member.

We have also taken the opportunity to change a lot of the ranks within the Team. You will notice a lot of org+ have had their ranks changed to better fit their current contributions to the clan. Congratulations to those that were promoted!

I hope you understand all of these decisions came with a lot of discussion and we hope you understand its for the best for the future of Overloaded XP.

Any questions can be directed to Kirt, Wilt, or myself.


U of M