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Overloaded XP Spooky Halloween Event 2018 - U of M - 10-28-2018


Welcome to Overloaded XP's 2018 Spooktacular hosted on October 28th. We will be destroying the beasts of the land, including each other muahaha, giving away over 200m in prizes, and ending the day with a costume competition all in the pursuit of fun and clan community!

Full Schedule(Times are in EST, for GMT add 4 hours):

**All times are approximate start times, may be altered up to 10 minutes or last less than a full hour depending upon prior events.**

Barrows Mass - 3:00 PM
We will start the day by uncovering the crypts of some spooky ghosts. In the pursuits of completing drop logs and angering the demons below. There may even be a special giveaway involved.

Haunted House of Horror - 4:00 PM
Obliviated has reconstructed his player owned house to be a house of absolute horror. Bring loads of food and anything else you would like to protect yourself. (Don't worry all deaths are safe) First to the chest will win a sweet stack of cash!

Corporeal Beast Mass - 5:00 PM
We will take a breather from the madness of Obliviated's house, to dismantle an ethereal ghost like being known to the world as the Corporeal beast. Once the mightiest monster in RuneScape, now our play thing to deal with our pent up anger. Bronze spears will be provided to complete the achievement.

Trivia + Trick or Treat - 6:00 PM
Sit back, relax, continue doing whatever you are doing in game, and try and answer some trivia questions in chat. First to get the correct answers will be awarded some serious GP! We will also be doing some Hide and Seek style Trick or Treats afterwards. First to find the player giving hints to their location will win a prize!

Kalphite King Mass -  7:00 PM
There is nothing spookier on this game than a mage phase in a KK mass. Make sure your bladders are empty, and lets dive into the Kalphite lair.

Reset Buffer - 8:00 PM (RESET)
Nothing spooky here, just a 30 minute break for dailies. Move along. Stop reading this. You are a persistent one aren't you? Alright fine, one spooky thing just for you. Boo, I'm a ghost! Idk best I got...

Battle Royale + Loot the key ranks (Dragon Claws)  - 8:30 PM

Its time to spread fear amongst each other as we dive in to some PVP combat. Everyone will come to red portal on a legacy only world. Your inventory and gear will be checked to be empty and your prayer drained. You will be given a set of dragon claws and 5 sharks. Last one to survive will be the winner of some serious GP! We will have up to three rounds as time provides. Afterwards we will regear you with claws if you lost them, and accept some punishment of our own.  We will go into multi carrying a variety of loot, dropping some as we go, and trying to tank all that pile us. Take all that you can carry, but you just might get PKed yourself!

Costume Competition(Judges - UofM, Wilt, Proknight) - 9:30 PM
It wouldn't be Halloween without adding in our signature event. This years Overloaded XP Spooktacular will be concluded by none other than a costume competition. So bring your most creative, incredible, or downright wacky outfits to our clan citadel Stage and show us what you've got!

Most importantly, remember to have fun all!


The Overloaded XP Team

RE: Overloaded XP Spooky Halloween Event 2018 - Concord - 10-28-2018

Looking forward to it, gonna be fun!

RE: Overloaded XP Spooky Halloween Event 2018 - J3 - 10-29-2018

No costume competition pics? Sad