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Possible shutdown - Insert GPs - 07-03-2019

Hi All ( who even reads these anymore?? ),

As you may have noticed these forums have pretty much died down since the discord adoption for OXP.

Via this way I want to gauge interest for keeping the forums alive.
A simple message on this thread will do.

If there are enough people who don't want this piece of history disappearing I will look into other options.

Insert GPs ( or actually Insert Dyes ingame now , long story )

RE: Possible shutdown - D McG - 07-08-2019

gimme backups xd

RE: Possible shutdown - J3 - 07-08-2019

I would love to have the domain name and database. I have a laravel project that is not currently ready for launch but could serve as a possible forum replacement. It would include a suite of admin tools and a front end that serves as an announcementboard and event calendar amongst other things.

Small teaser:


Get in touch Smile