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Why and How to Donate

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01-23-2015, 08:36 PM #1
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The Overloaded XP Forums and TeamSpeak cost quite a bit to keep online and are paid for entirely by Insert GPs and donations from clanmates like you! The forums play a pivotal part in our clan's continued success as they are helpful in hosting events, managing the clan through admin communication and polls, and overall create a social atmosphere for all our clanmates!

As a THANK YOU to our donors, you will receive
- A custom RED username on the forums
- Your choice of a custom profile banner as seen here
- Unlimited storage on your forum inbox and double the file attachment limit!
- Access to a special Donator Forum to give feedback and opinion



Donate using PayPal, the safe and secure way to send money!
(No registration required)


To donate using Bitcoin, send you donation to stated BTC address:
1eHmdF4ga.......uVUx1WhaX5 ( until further notice no longer possible )

To donate using LiteCoin, send you donation to stated LTC address:
Ld2zd5Poj1.......Ha2ik63NLoHK4kH ( until further notice no longer possible )


We also accept ingame GP Donations to help with hosting clan events such as Skilling Competitions, Clan Anniversary, Halloween and Christmas events. You may make a contribution to any Organizer+ and you can track donations on our clan bank.

As a THANK YOU to our ingame donors, you will receive
- A custom GREEN username on the forums
- Any donation of over 50m will grant you Captain rank ingame even if you do not meet XP requirements!

Once you are done donating send a private message to Insert GPs so you get your extra benefits!
Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!


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After hearing some concerns, I have removed the reward of Captain Rank from all cash donations. As a Thank You for supporting our site you will still be given the Red Donator Name on our site, as well as access to the donator forums on here, unlimited storage on your inbox, and a custom profile banner of your choosing.

We have had this policy for several years, and I do not remember ever even using it. I do not receive the cash donations, our server host does, and I will have to confirm with him on this, but to my knowledge almost all, if not all of our very few donators were already over captain rank when they donated. I have personally donated myself to help out. We have never profited in any way from donations.

The initial intent, and the entire point of awarding this rank was to signal to me not to kick any donator who has supported this clan when I am doing my inactive kicks. As I do not kick members with captain rank+ often. The Ranks of Recruit through General in the RuneScape clan system give no tangible benefits in game, so are purely cosmetic and valued only on the pride of achieving them alone. So, we never considered that we were giving an unfair advantage. But, in hearing some concerns I feel it is best to just calm any nerves and remove a system we never really used anyway. Instead, to signal to me not to kick, I will start just using Clan Jobs, like legendary member for example for our donators.

I do hope you all understand my reasoning here, our initial intent, and continue to have fun in your RuneScape adventures <3.

My pm is always open if you have any questions =D.


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