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June Newsletter

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06-02-2016, 08:09 AM #1
shura Offline Donated ingame money
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Join the OXP Admin Team Today!

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Congratulations on the following rank ups!

Soulrest  -->   Avatar Warden
Sandra1331  -->   Avatar Warden
Papafuzz  -->   Avatar Warden
Handball -->   Organiser
SkyCelestial  -->   Avatar Warden
Regie  -->   Avatar Warden


Weekly Skilling Competitions, co-hosted by Kirt, and Jakesheeran

Weekly Community Clan Capping, hosted by Shura and Wilt

Weekly Overall XP Competition, hosted by Dream Silo

Daily Sinkholes, hosted by Lumos and Obligated

Weekly PvM Mass Event, hosted by Pheeel

Low Tier PvM Event, hosted by Tintner

Sacred Clay Event, hosted by Tintner

Clan Raids, hosted by Wilt and J yi

Daily CacheHosted by Tintner




Weekly Overall 57 - Tarm 90 (39,487,576)

Weekly Overall 56 - Dream Silo (71,210,974)

Weekly Overall 55 - Luka1a (41,868,173)

Weekly Overall 54 - I R Paul (93,974,775)


Woodcutting - Lovely (4,532,777)

Runecrafting - Roy Boy106 (4,303,069)

Invention - Boredom (21,209,736)


 1.  The earth generates $72 trillion irl gp of goods and services each year

 2. When the Earth was formed, a day was only 5.5 hours long
 3. Saturn (the planet) would float if it was put on water

 4. A single Quaser produces enough energy as one trillion suns



May has certainly had its benefits with the addition of our new avatar wardens and organisers. We would once again like to congratulate on reaching to this stage and hopefully we can regulate the avatars (especially Aquaman) more frequently, ensuring other clanmates have access to their buffs. Remember guys, you're not holding the avatars for yourself only, it is to help others as well 


Aside from the rank-ups, May has been somewhat passive, however xp gains were continuous! Dream Silo has reached 2b xp, setting the standard of xp gains to a new level. Previously, there were only a few people exceeding the 2b total xp mark, however now we are having more members reaching this milestone. We hope this can set an example to newer members and get them to make the most of Runescape in terms of xp!

With all these new forthcoming updates in June, people are preparing for the summer and also the benefits which come along with it - being: the new boss; Telos. Sooo get your perks, armour and weapon ready for this new monster, and its rare drops!


- PvP Duelling Anywhere I Summer Package
- Gower Quest
- Telos (new solo boss)
- T90 Augmentable Gear
- New things in Solomon's Store

- PvP Duelling Anywhere
- Sliske's Countdown
- Invention tech trees
- Kindred Spirits Quest
- Boss pet overrides
- Mega May - Meg's Cases

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06-02-2016, 05:38 PM #2
Kirt Offline "I keep sucking on these polls" - N eon Teamspeak 2015 *******
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Can you add a link to the clan calendar near the events section to start advertising it?

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