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Firemaking Competition!

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This Week:Firemaking

Next Week? You Decide Here!

Suggested methods of training:
Bonfires(train with at least 4 other people on same bonfire)
[color=#ff3333]Elder - 11.5 gp/xp          ~466830 xp/hr

Magic - 2.03 gp/xp       ~324140 xp/hr
Yew - 0.72 gp/xp   b      ~269160 xp/hr

Maple - 0.16 gp/xp       ~`181000 xp/hr

For more tips and tricks Click here!

Competition Period

START Tuesday January 17th at 10PM EST
FINISH Tuesday January 24th at 10PM EST

Prize Distribution

First Place 5m

Second Place 2.5m

ThirdPlace 1m

Fourth Place 0.5m

Fifth Place 0.5m

Bonus Prize 1M
Beat the previous Firemaking Competition High Score of 17,868,842
set by Soulrest and be the winner to receive a bonus prize of 1M!

Winners are selected using statistics gathered from RuneClan


Last Week's Competition:Constitution
Previous competition winners can be found here

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