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Overloaded Xp Returns to the Top Ten

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04-09-2017, 11:21 PM #1
U of M Offline Our stadium is bigger than yours. *******
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This makes us a top ten clan and the #1 clan in the game without a requirement to join! We are the #1 community clan in the game!

Well done everyone, I am so proud of this clan, where we have come and where we are going! I am honored and humbled to be able to lead and be a part of an amazing team and to be within an amazing community. I look forward to the future of Overloaded XP with excitement!



U of M

OXP  is  LOVE,    OXP  is  LIFE      


04-10-2017, 01:17 PM #2
J3 Offline Not quite 한국어
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Woohooo! awesome, keep it up everyone! Smile

04-10-2017, 06:20 PM #3
E Bom Offline OXP *
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Will they ever change their motto? lol

congratz everyone!

04-10-2017, 06:27 PM #4
F O X Offline ^ Made the 20,000th post! *
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Wooters, keep the gains train rolling. Great job us!


04-11-2017, 02:39 AM #5
Concord Offline Junior Member **
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Sick, nice work everyone!

04-11-2017, 07:07 PM #6
Insert GPs Offline Pretty close to Forum God *******
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Gogo Overloaded Citadel! .. wait wut...?

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