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October Newsletter

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10-04-2017, 05:16 PM #1
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Welcome to Spooky October!


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Congratulations to Acecount, Slayersheep, RSMemeKing and Achyll on Administrator and Avatar Warden!

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Congratulations to J3 on Organizer!



The monthly clan capping lottery is still going strong, with two separate winners of 5m every month!

J3 and several other clan members have started a clan vorago team. We're always looking to bring members, new or old, experienced or not! Come learn a very profitable and very fun boss, based off of teamwork, dank deeps, and wild magic! 

RSMemeQueen has began hosting a learner raids team, if anyone is interested please feel free to send her a PM in game or mention it in the cc . Raid times are at 00:45 game time and time may change periodically. 

Monthly skilling competitions hosted by Matty Ice

Sinkholes hosted by Manasword and Qua-zi

Clan Capping Lottery hosted by Wittytoad

[Image: latest?cb=20170111043504]Overall- Kirt (193,308,913)

A pigeon's feathers are heavier than its bones

Dragonflies have 6 legs but can't walk

The speed limit in NYC was 8 MPH in 1895

The first bike was called a hobbyhorse

Popcorn was invented by the American Indians 



Check out what goes on behind the scenes at our Behind the Admin Scenes forum!

Check out the current leaders for each skill in the clan at our custom Highscore page!

See what your fellow clanmates have been up to at our Goals and Achievements forum!

Get to know the OXP Administrative team at our Admin Bios forum!


Prepare to have your socks blown off with an all new game mode coming soon on October 16th known as Dimension of the Damned. This mode will only be active for the halloween event so be sure to make use of it will you can because it won't be here long!

There will  also be another event this October called Novtumberfest. Runescape first Beer festival. It is pretty similar to that of the Fayre event and the beach event except for this there is no cap on how much you can do a day so get those Holiday rewards and have fun! 
Starting the week of the 2nd is Customer Support Week where you can gain a clue scroll from the count right off of lumbridge lodestone.

Jagex is also offering a new pet you can receive in game for linking your runescape account to your twitch account. To receive this pet you must watch their Tuesdays live stream at 4 pm game time to claim it.

Smouldering lamps are back from October 4th until October 9th so make sure to use your keys for some really good xp gainz.

There has also been more F2P content released that includes Fletching, 7 new quests,  access to the Warriors guild, 2 DND's, craftable off-hand crossbows, more areas to explore along with new ranged and mage armour!
To see more detailed information about the month ahead please click HERE.


There have been quite a few new titles added to the game. Now in game when you complete a boss collection you will receive a new title. To see what drops you need to obtain just open your beast tab and click on the collection tab and you can scroll through each boss and see what you need to get to obtain it. Click Here to see the list of what boss gives what title.

A new slayer area known as the Lost Grove has been released with 3 new slayer monsters! feel free to go on down by the Incandescent energies to get there. Click HERE to get more info! 

Invention Batch 2 is finally here!!!!! So go swing on by and check out the latest content. There are new machines you can make along with a bunch of other new goodies.

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Looks good!   Smile

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