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Clan Minigame Event (12/9/2017)

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12-09-2017, 03:17 AM #1
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Please come drop on by and play some minigames with us tomorrow! Any and all are welcome I went ahead and wrote up a schedule for times events will be taking place. I put an hour in between each event (each minigame will last an hour long) because I know how boring it can get after a while and I don't want to burn others out. I would like it if we could use discord and have some fun while doing this event to make it more enjoyable!!! I am looking forward to seeing everyone and keep a eye out in cc for advertising as the day goes on <3 Happy scaping oxp xoxo 

11:00 am est (16:00 game time)
Bounty Hunter

1:00 pm est (18:00 game time) 
Barb Assault

3:00 pm est (20:00 game time)
castle wars

5:00 pm est (22:00 game time)
Soul wars

7:00 pm est (0:00 game time)
Shifting tombs

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