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Posted by: JakeGrande - 02-12-2017, 07:21 PM - Forum: News & Announcements



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Congratulations to Abra Sumente and Animamundi on Avatar Warden rank!



Weekly Skilling Competitions, hosted by Wilt and Matty Ice

Daily Sinkholes, hosted by So Motivated and Manasword

Raids After Reset hosted by Wilt and J Yi

Weekly PvM Mass hosted by Pheeel and Two Raw

Sassy nex's Weekly PvM Competitions hosted by Sassy nex




Construction - luka1a (12,629,356)

Constitution - Animamundi (7,175,326)

Firemaking - The Cook (20,000,097)


- Harvard was the first American University, founded in 1636.

- Until 1752, the first day of a new year was considered March 25. That changed in 1752, which also had to drop 11 days in September to make up for the change.

- It is estimated that Picasso produced over 50,000 works of art in his lifetime.

- Henri Richard has won the most Stanley Cups in history with 11 while playing for the Montreal Canadiens.

- The original name for Google was Backrub.


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- Double XP weekend begins Feb 17th!
- Augmentable hammer and tinderboxes for new invention methods, along with new perks!
- A secret 5th Age quest!
- Hans will be able to give out 15 year capes!
- Skill capes will be getting perks of their own!
- The Valentine's event is happening!

- - -

- New rewards were added to Death's Office for those hungry to PvM!
- The long awaited hard mode Nex, Nex: Angel of Death was released!
- Hati, Skoll, Fenrir, and Eir made their return!
- Memorial to guthix, giving buffs to divination, was released!

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- 2

Posted by: Wilt - 02-09-2017, 12:26 AM - Forum: News & Announcements
This vote is for the skilling competition from February 14th through [size=small]February 21st/size] (8pm EST / Reset)
This competition: BUYABLE

Voting closes Monday at 8pm EST / Reset

We are currently hosting a Fishing Competition, which can be found [url defaultattr=]here[/url]

Posted by: Pheeel - 02-07-2017, 12:16 AM - Forum: News & Announcements
The return of the PvM event! Hosted by Pheeel and Two Raw.

Thursday's Boss (9/02/2017) - Corporeal Beast

Sunday's Boss (12/02/2017) - TBD - Poll will close Friday reset.

Since Nex: Angel of Death and Nex: Angel of Death (Again) were chosen last week, they will not be chosen at all this week.

We will now be hosting two bosses a week. 

The first being on Thursday at 6pm GMT (In game time), lasting for an hour. 
This boss will be chosen by us every week. 

The second event will be on Sunday at 1am GMT (In game time), lasting for an hour as well. 
This boss will be polled every week, with four bosses to choose from.

No boss on either day will be repeated the following week.

The event will be hosted on W92 in order for us to use loot share. We will only be splitting specified drops, depending on what boss we are going to.

Feel free to message either of us for more information on this event!

The week after this event, there will be no event on the 19th of February. This is due to it being on double experience weekend. Will be back to normal after!