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Sinkholes + 2 daily dungeons!

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04-16-2019, 02:43 PM #1
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Hello All,

I wanted to post this here because DefenceStud and I were talking about revamping sinkholes again! Plus, two daily dungeons (extended daily challenge).

Sinkholes are hosted after reset at 8:30pm EST and daily dungeons right after! We need 5 members (host + 4)!

You get gathering xp (mining, woodcutting or farming) and combat xp. And, an outrageous amount of dungeoneering xp!

Sinks rules: 
1. Be friendly 
2. Don’t steal other peoples chest (unless given permission)
3. Don’t use smoke devils, bunyips or Phoenix cards
4. Don’t attack other people’s monsters/don’t double up in gathering locations

I want to see more hosts involved in this. It is not easy to host alone. The more community the better!


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