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Change of Leadership - U of M - 11-25-2018

Good Morning,
TLDR Below.

As you have probably noticed by now, I have taken a step down from leadership. For a long time now the game has become unbearable for me to play. I do not want to ruin your experience or your enjoyment in the game, so I will not go in to detail as to why. As such, I have been playing purely for the clan for a while, only sitting in lobby responding to pms, or sitting at a bank talking in cc or responding to pms and it has come to the point where that is not fair to the clan or myself. You deserve someone as leader that is passionate about the game and can enjoy it with you. I hope to someday return to the game with the same love as I have had before, but for now I need to take an extended break. I will be on from time to time, but for the most part this is good bye. I am leaving you in the capable hands of Wilt. I know he will do a great job as Leader, and I know that Overloaded XP will continue to grow, adapt and flourish for years to come. I have complete faith in my OXP admin team and all of you clanmates to continue the legacy of all the leaders before me, and myself. Instead of this being a sad moment, I would like for you all to congratulate Wilt on Ownership, and look forward to a bright future of the clan.

OXP is Love, OXP is Life.

TLDR: I am taking an extended break and have given ownership to Wilt.

Much love,

U of M