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June Newsletter

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06-03-2017, 06:54 PM #1
Wittytoad Offline Member ***
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Welcome to June!



Become part of the OXP Admin Team Today!
Apply for Avatar Warden or Apply for Organizer

Join us on TeamSpeak or Discord

Kirt's guide to Discord


[Image: latest?cb=20130811201549]
Congratulations to Bookbags, Born for BBQ, E Bom, aduckonquack, Arby Flash, RYANN, Mr BobRoss, and RSMemeQueen on Avatar Warden!

[Image: latest?cb=20130811201549]
Congratulations to Moist Joe and Muscratman on Organiser!


[Image: 2ab40a085d74f4cd8aaa2f5aa743dcb6.png]

The monthly clan capping lottery is still going strong, with 3 successful months and a winner of 10m each!
The 6th anniversary of Overloaded XP will be in July, and we will be hosting events and celebrating our success in game!
With suitable interest, we will also hold an irl meetup. Make sure to contact any Org+ if you are interested or have any ideas for irl or in game events!


Monthly skilling competitions hosted by Matty Ice

Sinkholes hosted by Manasword and So Motivated

Clan Capping Lottery hosted by Wittytoad

Raids hosted by Wilt and Sassy Nex


[Image: latest?cb=20170111043504]Overall - Proknight (277,366,802)
[Image: latest?cb=20120119045447] Smithing - Concord (10,855,475)
[Image: latest?cb=20120221055803] Strength - The Cook (37,449,004)


Cashews come from a cashew apple, a fruit.

The alligator species is over 200 million years old.

The piano is a percussion instrument.

The first Hazelmere's Signet Ring has been sitting untouched in an unsuspecting players' bank for over a week. It is assumed the player is not aware of what the ring is. 4 more have since been dropped.


Check out what goes on behind the scenes at our Behind the Admin Scenes forum!

Check out the current leaders for each skill in the clan at our custom Highscore page!

See what your fellow clanmates have been up to at our Goals and Achievements forum!

Get to know the OXP Administrative team at our Admin Bios forum!



The release of Menaphos is upon us! 

The Slayer skill will be increased to level 120, with several new slayer mobs to be released with the city

Shifting Tombs, similar to Pyramid Plunder, will offer an ever-changing plundering method to train some of your favorite skills, with XP and GP rewards.


Luck Rework: The Hazelmere's Signet Ring drop rate has been significantly improved, so start grinding out your ring hunts!

The Spring Fayre has been released, offering free methods to train several skills that scale to your skill levels, making this good for everybody. Be sure to use up your tickets before the event ends!
Shattered Worlds:  Randomly generated worlds with increasing difficulty. Earn yourself some new abilities, new pets, and various other rewards!

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06-07-2017, 05:45 PM #2
F O X Offline ^ Made the 20,000th post! *
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OMFG i love the member of the month banner. I know it comes from the heart which makes it way more special than anything I ever did.

Keep up the good work Witty!


06-07-2017, 09:23 PM #3
Mr BobRoss Offline Donated ingame money
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Nicely done mate 8)


Here to help ~~~

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