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August Newsletter

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08-06-2017, 04:42 PM #1
Wittytoad Offline Member ***
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Welcome to August!



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[Image: latest?cb=20130811201549]
Congratulations to J3 on Administrator and Avatar Warden!

[Image: latest?cb=20130811201549]
Congratulations to Loneiy (aka Cest la rci) and Bookbags on Organiser!


[Image: 215f645bd06b1d6c32a90bf60d54134f.png]

The monthly clan capping lottery is still going strong, with two separate winners of 5m every month!

Bookbags is looking to hold weekend dungeoneering floors, so be sure to pm him if you're interested!

J3 and several other clanmembers have started a clan vorago team. We're always looking to bring members, new or old, experienced or not! Come learn a very profitable and very fun boss, based off of teamwork, dank deeps, and wild magic! 

RSMemeQueen is looking to host a learner raids team, and is looking for clanmates to fill much-needed roles in the team. Raids are profitable and a great way to introduce yourself to high-level pvm (with some practice).


Monthly skilling competitions hosted by Matty Ice

Sinkholes hosted by Manasword and So Motivated

Clan Capping Lottery hosted by Wittytoad


[Image: latest?cb=20170111043504]Overall - Proknight (150,765,751)

Slayer - Arrkain (56,975,061

 Dungeoneering - Achyll (35,852,185)

Animals that lay eggs don't have belly buttons

Slugs have four noses

Eating a banana will attract mosquitoes

Porcupines are buoyant

Peaches are members of the almond family


Check out what goes on behind the scenes at our Behind the Admin Scenes forum!

Check out the current leaders for each skill in the clan at our custom Highscore page!

See what your fellow clanmates have been up to at our Goals and Achievements forum!

Get to know the OXP Administrative team at our Admin Bios forum!



The Summer Beach Party has returned once again! Go visit your favorite beach behind Lumbridge Castle!

There will be two Heat Wave Weekends on August 11th-14th, and 25th-28th, where your heat-o-meter will NOT fill, and you can skill on the beach all day long! Make sure you take advantage of these weekends!

Clawdia has arrived, and appears at xx:45 on every world at every hour of the day! Be sure to come and kill her for XP boosts, beach meter resets, titles, and other cosmetics!

Please click here for the link to the Reddit megathread, with lots of helpful iinformation and numerous links to aid your Summer Beach party fun!


The Magister has been released! Deep within the bowels of Menaphos the Magister is waiting for an adventurer to challenge him...

The Unfinished Business strategy has been announced and set forth for RuneScape! Instead of releasing new content, JaGeX is seeking to fix broken, unfinished, and dead content in an attempt to re-establish some of the integrity the game once held.

Runescape on Mobile has been announced! Old School Mobile iscoming out in the winter of 2017-2018, and Runescape Mobile is scheduled to be released in Summer 2018! Don't Scape and drive, and remember to upgrade your data plan!

Stackable urns and new types of urns have been released! With the addition of Divination, Farming, Hunter, and Runecrafting urns, your skill levels will increase at an even faster, yet more costly, rate!

August: The Month Ahead. The achievement system attempt #2, Crystal Skillchompas, and new ways to obtain elite skilling outfits are all coming soon!

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08-06-2017, 08:39 PM #2
Ricci Offline Junior Member **
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Wooooooooo newsletter Big Grin

Gratz to everyone. I'm excited to see the raids learner team grouping up <3


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