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September Newsletter

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Welcome to September!

[Image: September-owls-clip-art-september-owls-image.png]

Become part of the OXP Admin Team Today!
Apply for Avatar Warden or Apply for Organizer

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[Image: latest?cb=20130811201549]
Congratulations to Plash, Proknight and Emilytippz on Administrator and Avatar Warden!

[Image: latest?cb=20130811201549]
Congratulations to Cest la rci on Organizer!

[Image: d38d8a04a335e1fee5ea2db38e9215d5.png]

The monthly clan capping lottery is still going strong, with two separate winners of 5m every month!

Bookbags is looking to hold weekend dungeoneering floors, so be sure to pm him if you're interested!

J3 and several other clanmembers have started a clan vorago team. We're always looking to bring members, new or old, experienced or not! Come learn a very profitable and very fun boss, based off of teamwork, dank deeps, and wild magic! 

RSMemeQueen is looking to host a learner raids team, and is looking for clanmates to fill much-needed roles in the team. Raids are profitable and a great way to introduce yourself to high-level pvm (with some practice).

Monthly skilling competitions hosted by Matty Ice

Sinkholes hosted by Manasword and So Motivated

Clan Capping Lottery hosted by Wittytoad

[Image: latest?cb=20170111043504]Overall - Proknight (158,044,708)
[Image: latest?cb=20160101093034]  Magic- Proknight (34,378,279)
[Image: latest?cb=20120728004011] Runecrafting - Proknight (14,590,331)

Broccoli is the only vegetable that is also a flower

A jellyfish is approximately 95% water 

A snail breathes through its foot

It is possible to lead a cow up stairs but not down

Elephants are capable of swimming 20 miles a day


Check out what goes on behind the scenes at our Behind the Admin Scenes forum!

Check out the current leaders for each skill in the clan at our custom Highscore page!

See what your fellow clanmates have been up to at our Goals and Achievements forum!

Get to know the OXP Administrative team at our Admin Bios forum!


The Summer Beach Party has returned once again but will not be here much longer so go visit your favorite beach behind Lumbridge Castle! The event ends September 4th! So good eat some icecream, skill and most importantly kick back and relax!

Clawdia has arrived, and appears at xx:45 on every world at every hour of the day! Be sure to come and kill her for XP boosts, beach meter resets, titles, and other cosmetics!

Terrorbird racing spawns every hour on the hour. This activity will give you agility xp. Once you complete 20 laps you will unlock the lovely slowmo walk 


Please click here for the link to the Reddit megathread, with lots of helpful information and numerous links to aid your Summer Beach party fun!

Double xp weekend also starts on the 15th of september and ends on the 17th  so make sure to come join us as we host portables in the citadel and get some dank xp gainz

Balthazar is back for his raffle that starts on August 29th and ends on the 2nd of october. Make sure to claim your free raffle ticket from him a day along with gilly who can be found randomly teleporting around the world of gielinor. Another tip doing dailies during this time frame does get you extra raffle tickets so do them while you can to get some rare rewards!

The achievement System has been reworked along with a relaunch of seasonal high scores! With the new achievement system you can now compare yours achievements with your friends or any other RS player. Click here for more information! 


Crystal Skillchompas have been released. Head over to elven lands to begin catching them today! Skillchompas have also been updated. 

Invention batch 2 dev diaries, The 2nd big batch of invention is on the horizon. 

Runescape on Mobile has been announced! Old School Mobile is coming out in the winter of 2017-2018, and Runescape Mobile is scheduled to be released in Summer 2018! Don't Scape and drive, and remember to upgrade your data plan!

Skilling outfits through mini games which include, Artisans, Blacksmith, Botanist, Farmer, Fletching, and Agility. Click here to find out more information!!!

Shattered worlds rebalance, the rate at which you can gain anima has changed. Also the amount of anima you get from challenges has changed. Bronze now gives you 250,000 anima, Silver 1,000,000 anima, and Gold 7,500,00 anima. 

You can now obtain the Volcanic Trapper Elite hunter outfit, which is only claimable through TH but hopefully in the months to come can be obtained through skilling 


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